The Bitter Truth About Herbs

Learn one of the most crucial herbal skills in this FREE webinar.

  • Friday, October 13

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Taste is perhaps the most important herbal learning tool you can develop. Rosalee dives deeper into all Five Tastes on the Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel, with an emphasis on herbal bitters.

This free webinar will...

  • Help you discover HOW herbs work by just tasting them...bringing the information on your herbal bookshelf alive.
  • Examine how the Bitter Taste reduces anxiety, stimulates digestion, balances blood sugar, modulates inflammation, helps the heart, shortens colds and much more.
  • Explore the importance of knowing your personal constitution, so you can find which herbs work best for you.
  • Show you how to prevent “herbal information overload” so you don't get lost when you are learning.
  • Demystify how to match the right herb to the right person, eliminating a lot of guesswork.
  • Give you the recipes and tools you need to bring bitter herbs into your personal apothecary.

Rosalee de la Forêt

Herbalist, author and professional member of the American Herbalist Guild.

John Gallagher

Your host & LearningHerbs founder

Get Six Bitter Taste Recipe Cards!

Orange and Elecampane bitters, Rich Roasted Reishi Tea, Dandelion Pesto, Herbal Dark Chocolate Truffles, Spiced Coffee, a tincture blend to help with sleep, and a special article on making your OWN bitters. You also get the webinar handouts, which include The Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel, a Master List of Bitter Herbs, and more!

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