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Herb Fairies 2017 Spring Book Club is now open!

Click here for Herb FairiesCloses midnight, Thursday May 18th.

Herb Fairies opens THIS Thursday!


  • Click once to download Herb Fairies Book One
    Click once to download Herb Fairies Book One

    Imagine the excitement of four children playing in the park when they discover a real, live fairy. Not just any fairy, but Stellaria, the chickweed fairy. Chickweed is one of their favorite healing plants and it turns out Stellaria was looking for them. She needs the children’s help to restore the fading magic in the Fairy Herb Garden. When Stellaria takes them to her fairy home, the children find that restoring the magic means facing a troll. Can they figure out how to use chickweed to heal the troll’s ailments? Will they be able to solve the riddle to guess her name?

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