The Herbal Road Trip

Meet The Creative Herbalist

Laura Meade is an actress, singer and songwriter. Years ago, a major event changed her life, which halted her ability to create music... until an email from a friend set her on a journey that would transform her life forever...

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I don’t know where I would be without HerbMentor. It’s a guiding hand, it’s reassurance, safety, and it’s knowing I have a place to refer back to that I trust. I love feeling part of a larger community.

Laura Meade
Laura Meade Cutchogue, New York

HerbMentor is a catalyst to learn more and dig deeper. HerbMentor is affordable, the format is accessible, and it has great content. I also never feel overwhelmed. This is for everyone.

Liz Neves
Liz Neves Brooklyn, New York

HerbMentor has been rebuilt from the ground up, and is accessible on all devices. Recent updates include...

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