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Your Personal Learning “Legacy Library” from Rosemary Gladstar

The Ultimate Collection of Her Most Famous Herbal Recipes, Previously Unpublished Preparation Techniques, and Plant Tours ... Preserved for the first time in a Muti-media Video Archive, for your lifelong Learning Pleasure

Dear Friends,

After 40+ years of learning and teaching about herbs ... I  wanted to do something very personal and special, for everyone who loves mother nature, and wants to connect with the world of healing plants and herbs.

For thousands of years, our ancestors passed their accumulated plant knowledge down from person to person, working side by side gathering plants, and in story around evening campfires. The oral history of local medicinal plants has been an integral part of our heritage for thousands of years and has lead to the development of healing modalities in every corner of our world.

I believe plants are the source of our energy, and there's much wisdom in the old adage ... Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

After teaching hundreds of herbal classes, trainings seminars, and hosting plant retreats throughout the world, all based on the classic oral learning tradition, I came to a realization after meeting John Gallagher, that the world has changed.

We don't do much side by side in the garden anymore, and the evening campfire has been replaced with TV's and the internet ... and if I don't preserve what I've learned in the media the world uses today ... it could all be lost.

So I did something I've never done ... and most probably will not do again... I invited John to come to my home, personal gardens and plant reserves, and into my kitchen to make videos of the best-of-the-best I have to offer - about my herbal recipes, their origins, secrets to simplify everything, and what I've learned about the plants.

This is the ONLY legacy library I have that uses both, written materials and detailed instructional video.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them.


Who Should Own Rosemary's Legacy Library?

Everyone who loves the earth, wants to be more connected to their roots, and wants the only video based reference library of Rosemary's very best remedies they can pass onto their children and grandchildren.

Own Rosemary’s books?

The 23 remedy videos in this library will give you the subtle nuances, and success clues you could never get from a book.

I first began reading Rosemary's books about 20 years ago, when I was 18.  The funny thing is that I never had success with Rosemary's famous face cream until Rosemary's Remedies -- just being able to *see* her walk through all of the steps helped me get it exactly right.

...it was a pleasure and a joy to see Rosemary prepare them and to hear her speak about the herbs. Watching the series is absolutely delightful, like having Rosemary in my kitchen with me. I highly recommend it!

- E. Grainger, Riverside, CA

Are you a beginner?

If you are a beginner or are wanting to have projects simplified so you can do with your children to give them hours of fun and learning ... we want to guarantee your success

I just love her course and the items that I have made have become a part of my daily life. I am also starting to add endangered herbs to my garden. Love it love it love it!

...Not only am I learning about herbs, Rosemary's methods are accessible to me--a lay person and beginner herbalist. I have replaced sleeping pills with her sleep tincture, toothpaste with tooth powder and all lotions with her face cream 🙂 Mostly, I love the way that Rosemary relates to the world and to plants. Such a blessing to watch.

- R. Croeser , Markham, Canada

A Complete Multi-Media Learning Experience

“Because we all learn in different ways, and sometimes we want to just want to review and & study with a hard copy in our hands.”

The truth is ... you just can't hear and feel a printed recipe from a book. You'll miss the subtle refinements, twists of the wrist, and success techniques - that Rosemary has accumulated over 40 years - to make your remedies come out perfect.

Hear, Feel, and Learn like you were in Rosemary's Kitchen

Review the videos with complete transcripts

Have quick reference recipe cards at your fingertips

Rosemary’s Remedies is instantly accessible from any web connected device.

Your Personal Learning Library is available to you in many different ways...

  • Transcripts for every video

    If you prefer to read – every video has been lovingly transcribed, so you read it online of can print it out and take it with you.

  • Your personal herbal cookbook

    After you have seen a remedy video, you can print out the recipe card to keep with your other cookbooks & recipes.

  • Downloadable

    If you do not want to learn and watch online, or if you have slow internet capabilities – you may download every part of the library to your own computer.

  • Lifetime Access!

    You have lifetime access to the online Learning Library Archive.

The two ways you use your video library

When you want to learn and make a remedy...

You'll have instant access to 23 of Rosemary's best and most famous recipes.

We call these "Domino Effect or Foundation Recipes" because when you learn one, you'll have the core foundation and confidence to make any herbal remedy...its kinda like going to herbal cooking school.

The 23 remedies in Rosemary’s Remedies are divided into three sections within the web site…

  • Remedies - to keep you & your family vibrant and healthy
  • Nourishment - amazing and tasty ways to get more herbs into your life
  • Body Care - natural, plant based beauty and body care miracles

When you just want to relax and learn about herbs...

You can go for a walk in the garden with Rosemary and take one of her 13 Garden Tours

Each part of this section includes a full color video and a beautiful transcript of the dialogue in the video. We've made this easy for you to learn on & offline. You can download everything onto your computer devices, or you can leave it in the your Legacy Library online.

Watching Rosemary's Remedies is like watching my favorite movie. No matter how many times I've seen it, I can watch it again and again and still feel as happy and excited as I did watching it for the tenth time as I did the first time.

- J. Ryan, Houston, TX

Click the TABS below to see the videos in your library...


Herbal Pills: Throat Balls
A Key Domino Effect/Foundation Recipe. Rosemary first figured out how to make these herbal pills, or “balls,” by watching Chinese herbalists. These balls can be adapted to any formula making it an extremely versatile way of getting these powerful herbs inside your body. This recipe has herbs specifically selected to fight off infection and soothe a sore throat. These are easy to make and taste incredible.

Herbal Pills: Ginger Balls
Your solution for nausea and Motion Sickness If you’ve ever had nausea or motion sickness, then this recipe is a must have! Loaded with health and nutrition, this recipe soothes and calms the stomach. It also offers great relief for nausea. You might even find yourself eating them even when you don’t have any tummy troubles. They’re that good.

Herbal Pills: Zoom Balls
One of the three remedies Rosemary says she’ll be remembered for, these balls go beyond the typical medicinal use for home remedies. Zoom balls provide a wonderful way to incorporate nourishing and rejuvenating herbs into your everyday life. They provide the energy and pep that you need throughout the day, while also enabling you to get a good night sleep.

Deep Sleep Tincture
Your Natural sleep Aid with no side effects. Need a peaceful night’s sleep? Selected herbs make a mix that will relax the body and induce a wonderful deep sleep. Rosemary shows you how to make a fresh root valerian tincture and how to decant a tincture. Then, she shares her simple method of making this valerian/hops/lavender tincture with dried herbs.

Dr. Kloss’s Famous Disinfecting Liniment
Famous because it Works. This old time remedy is over 70 years old, and is the No. 1 liniment amongst herbalists. This proven formula has been a favorite among herbalists for family, friends, and the communities they served for decades. This recipe penetrates deep into the skin, thus disinfecting, treating athlete’s foot, curing bug bites, as well as healing deep tissue wounds. A must have in every first aid kit.

Fire Cider
This is a perfect remedy for someone who needs a fiery kick to his or her immune system. A blend of spicy and sweet flavors were combined to enhance your circulatory and digestive system. Will come in handy for those cold months when you’re prone to sinus infections, or when you feel cold coming on.

Honey Onion Syrup
This is a wonderful “first” remedy for any home medicine maker. It’s as simple as adding honey to a pan of onions. Seriously. This incredibly easy and delicious remedy for colds, flu’s, sore throats, and coughs is a wonderful medicine for children and adults alike. You’ll be surprised by the effectiveness and rapidity of this simple remedy.

Triple Strength Throat Spray
A little tea…a little tincture…a few drops of essential oil…voilà! Throat spray! This simple yet effective throat spray quickly soothes sore and itchy throats with a blend of specially selected herbs that offer healing and health to your body.

Everyone’s Favorite Root Beer
This tonic makes a delicious summer beverage and also soothes and nourishes the body. Try this amazing blend, and you’ll be surprised to see how fast it will become a family tradition that you will want to pass down for years to come. It is simple as adding tea to seltzer water.

Chaga Chai Latte
Finally, a latte that’s great for your health! A great blend of spice and roots made into a rejuvenating and healing herbal chai latte. It incorporates the spices of India with the substantial taste of chaga mushrooms that add a wonderful, roasted, rooty depth.  A symphony of flavors will make this a desired beverage. Perfect for those who like to start the day with a dark brew, get going while replenishing nutrients.

Kava Chai
When you want everyone happy & relaxed … without alcohol Rosemary’s super secret kava brew is finally available for all to enjoy. This traditional blend has been a favorite at the International Herb Symposium for years. Kava is revered for its ability to reduce anxiety and relax the body. It is a great beverage to have with family and friends, it will fill your heart with love. By the way, it’s delicious!

Antioxidant Herb Sprinkles
These delicious and healthy herbal condiments kick it up a notch when you put them on foods. They are simple to create, easy to customize, and make perfect gifts. You’ll be inspired to make more combinations of these fabulous herbal sprinkles.

Sprinkles for the Heart
Makes Your Food a Medicine. Herbal sprinkles are a wonderful and simple way to make your food your medicine. A simple mix of common herbal powders will make a nutritious blend. Sprinkle on toast, oatmeal, pancakes, baked goods and so much more. Blends like these help you remember the actions of herbs…such as a sprinkle of cinnamon and hawthorn heals the heart.

Medicinal Basil Pesto
Pesto allows a budding herbalist to learn how to use “food as medicine.” In addition, this recipe is a great place to safely start cooking with wild herbs and weeds. This pesto recipe is full of good nutrition and herbal benefits from specially selected bitter herbs, nuts, cheese, and of course, lots of basil! It is a versatile sauce that you can incorporate into your meals in many ways. Who doesn’t love pesto?

Gypsy Cold Care Tea
An original remedy that Rosemary formulated for Traditional Medicinals back in the day. You can find her tea blend in any supermarket. True to its name, this delicious herbal remedy has deep roots in Gypsy healing. A wonderful medicinal tea for cold and flu, this tea will induce sweating to help healing, while at the same time soothing and nourishing your body.

Sweet Surrender Tea Blend
Rosemary shares her special and delicious tea blend. This is a wonderful beverage to serve to friends and family; it is relaxing and has soothing mint properties for the family to enjoy. These videos are not just to teach you how to make Rosemary’s remedies, but how you can learn to create your own herbal explosions. This tea-blending master will inspire you to make your own “three-cup tea blends.” What’s a three-cup tea blend? You’ll soon find out.

Chia Seed Pudding
This incredible pudding not only tastes amazing, it is also full of omega 3’s and nourishment. It will make a wonderful dessert at the dinner table. It is great for children and adults. If you like pudding, then you’re going to love this twist on a classic dessert, with a few unexpected ingredients. It also makes a fantastic breakfast.

Rosemary’s Famous Face Cream
(a secret Key Foundation recipe, for healthy beautiful skin without department store chemicals) Caution: If you give it to a Girl friend – they will ask for more. Why spend high prices on face cream that isn’t even good for your skin? Rosemary’s Famous Face Cream is not really just a “face cream.” It is also inexpensive; you can use it ALL over your body. Once you make this cream, you’ll be surprised how easy and fun it can be to make your own cosmetics…not to mention how extremely healthy it is for your skin. You can customize your cream to your skin’s needs. Rosemary’s ironclad method for mixing oil and water into luxurious herbal cream is finally demystified.

Warming Cinnamon Herbal Salts for the Bath
This blend is relaxing and therapeutic. The cinnamon in the blend is warming, decongesting, antiseptic, and antiviral. Learn the finer points of  salt scrub making and how to effectively blend them with healing herbs. Salts for the bath also make excellent gifts. Great for the family, you may also create them together.

Peppermint Tooth Powder & Herbal Dental Care
This tooth powder is superior to any natural dental product on the market. These recipes are not only fast and economical to make, they’re actually fun too. What’s the secret to turning your tooth powder into toothpaste? What single herb tincture will be your new and favorite mouthwash? These herbal dental recipes are customizable, natural, delicious, and extremely effective.

Lavender Antiseptic & Calming Spritzer
Takes 5 minutes, great first project for kids, a gift friends will use every day. You can make a simple spray that not only calms, but also cleans. This is a quick and easy herbal spritzer. All you need is a bottle, some essential oil and a tablespoon of witch hazel. Use to refresh rooms, dispel moods, relax the body, and even cosmetically. Will make a wonderful home and travel herbal companion.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Why spend $60 at the spa when you can make the same luxurious herbal exfoliant at home with household ingredients? Make with brown sugar and customize to your skin’s needs. Not only does it make an excellent gift, it is great for when you want to step away and pamper yourself.

Magical Cleansing Miracle Grains
This prized facial cleansing recipe is one that herbalists have been making for over 35 years. Cleansing grains are easy to make, they leave you feeling soft and silky. You’ll be amazed at the common kitchen ingredients this recipe uses.

Rosemary gives you a tour of the Sage Mountain gardens in Vermont. 15 plant walk videos in all!

Rosemary introduces you to…

  • Jewelweed
  • Black Cohosh
  • Thyme
  • Lemon Balm
  • Echinacea
  • Hops
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Hawthorn
  • Mullein
  • Yarrow
  • Lady’s Mantle
  • Burdock
  • Goldenrod
  • American Ginseng
  • Goldenseal

We include a few extra videos, such as Rosemary giving you a video tour of her personal herbal apothecary, as well as her suggestions for which herbal books to start with.

However, we also include a couple really cool extra bonuses…

Women’s Health Class with Rosemary
A 2 hour video class with Rosemary on Women’s Health. Grounded and practical information, this video covers many aspects of women’s health in Rosemary’s holistic approach.

Herbs for the Home Medicine Chest PDF
This treasured book from Rosemary is OUT OF PRINT! Storey Publishing is generously sharing a PDF copy of this classic as a bonus.

Here are 7 of the 749 amazing testimonials we received...

I love Rosemary's Remedies! Her teaching style makes it so easy to learn the everyday remedies we can all use. The videos are easy to follow and the downloads make great supplemental info. After searching for years for a user friendly, cost friendly way to learn herbal remedies Rosemary's Remedies is the answer. Thank you, Rosemary!

D. Moseley, Ferrelview, MO

I love the hands-on videos. I am a visual learner, as a student herbalist I read ALL the time. I really appreciate the opportunity to relax just a little and watch Rosemary work her magic. It reinforces the book pages I have read and reminds me herbalism is suppose to a fun, magical part of life.

Tess Hanke, Eland, WI

Rosemary is such a wealth of knowledge. John did a great job of capturing her spirit which really made absorbing all of the great information easier and enjoyable. Plus you get a printable version of each of the recipes which is a great help when making the remedies on your won. Very well done! Excellent value for the money!

J. Rivest, Los Angeles, CA

Rosemary's Remedies is an ideal course to take as an adventure into the many worlds of herbalism. One cannot help but be inspired by the views of her beautiful garden and there are many, easy to prepare recipes for beginners, which cover a large range of applications in the everyday home.

E. Sutherland, Wicklow, Ireland

By far my favorite part of the course was just listening to Rosemary speak about her life, experiences, and herbs. She models generosity of spirit, and I enjoyed being encouraged to PLAY with herbs and not necessarily bind myself to a recipe. I have enjoyed making several of the remedies and keep coming back to a few that have really served me.

Erin C., Laurel, MD

It was really fun, exciting, and encouraging to watch "a master at work." The videos were great and intimate feeling, like you were there receiving a personal lesson or having a nice chat with Rosemary. I really enjoyed the garden tours and seeing the wonderful relationship she has with nature is very empowering. I have really enjoyed Rosemary's Remedies and I'm looking forward to trying more of the remedies she's shared on here. Thank you for all the time spent and the wonderful information you've shared!

Kait B. , Alberta, Canada

It’s a rare thing to capture a true herbal elder doing their formulations on camera and even rarer to get that marvelous elder to open up and be so free and make the viewer really feel in touch with that herbal folk lore and magic just runs through Rosemary’s veins.

…Half of the things she’s saying would look so foreign in a printed book to someone who hasn’t heard of this concept before, capturing it on video is the perfect medium to get her message into the hearts of anyone who is watching.

…I’m so overjoyed LearningHerbs captured all of this amazing wisdom she has shared on camera because it is the perfect medium that helps you to really feel what she’s saying and seeing her honest eyes and warm smile and it really makes your heart just be so open to her amazingly wonderful and happy vibrations that she is able to send out to everyone watching.

…Most times true elders like Rosemary are more of our behind the scene hero’s, being able to spotlight her like LearningHerbs has done is extraordinary. They both have really contributing something amazing here. Thanks John, not only for so many people who not only need to hear her many messages in her videos but also for those herbalists who are looking for someone they can learn from who is a folk herbalist in their lives, and didn’t know where to find one.

…These videos bring the essence of herbalism to life and show you how simple and easy recipes with herbs can be and how seamlessly they can be integrated into your everyday life. Two Thumbs Up!

- A. Parkinson, New York
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— John Gallagher, LearningHerbs

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