“Wanna try something a little different?”

Create Amazing Remedies & Herbal Legacies with our Rosemary Gladstar Video Collection

It can be challenging to find the courage to “go off the beaten path” when using herbs.

Often we find a basic recipe, and once we've had success, we often keep making that same remedy over and over again. After all, it works, right?

Well, in time you sort of get bored making the "same 'ole, same 'ole." Then, you start using herbs less and less.

How can you gain confidence and wisdom in herbalism while being more imaginative?

Why not make remedies that everyone in your family will love? Remedies that will have your friends asking for more.

Basically, the more amazing your remedies and recipes are, the more people will use them.

Naturally, this means that your favorite people will be consuming more healthful herbs. And this is a good thing.

You will find more success infusing herbs into your life if you get in touch with your creative side.

AND THIS... is that what Rosemary's Remedies is all about.

Rosemary's Remedies is not a course.
(It’s WAY more fun, and you learn a lot more!)

Rosemary's Remedies is a collection of 23 remedy making and 15 plant walk videos. 

This was the FIRST TIME Rosemary Gladstar has shared her famous remedies on video.

You can work on them as you're inspired. This is sort of like a "video cook book."

Each of these videos is designed to give you a starting place for you to create your herbal masterpiece.

Even if you own Rosemary's amazing books, these videos bring the books alive. You get to see exactly how SHE makes the recipe.

The videos are specifically designed to help you reach outside the box. To encourage you to find your herbal voice by taking what you learn, and then follow your intuition to create magic.

This happens when you watch Rosemary teach live.

Rosemary's videos are infused with wisdom about herbs, health and life that she's gained from nearly 40 years of experience. 

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Recipe cards and transcripts included for all remedies.


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