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Thinking Beyond The Symptom

Sajah Popham dispels the many myths of modern herbalism and gives you a simple & powerful framework for finding the right remedy... holistically.

Thur. & Fri., September 21-22, 2023
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Vitalist herbal traditions have a way of seeing not just how a plant heals, but also how we can treat the underlying imbalances of the disease.  —Sajah Popham

Sajah Popham
Your instructor & founder of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

John Gallagher
Your host & co-founder of LearningHerbs

In this webinar, you’ll learn...

The six myths of “allopathic herbalism,” and how to avoid these traps that keep you focused on disease names. 
How simple vitalist skills can help you cultivate a holistic mindset when using plant medicine.
The importance of energetics, which is the KEY to learning the core properties of plants and looking beyond a person’s symptom.
How to use your senses so you can be more accurate when choosing the right herbal remedy.
This presentation is for anyone who loves healing herbs, whether you are a home herbalist, community herbalist, or a clinical practitioner.

Find out why it's not about WHAT herbal medicine you use, but HOW you use it.

Please join us. We have flexible times in YOUR time zone...

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