Culinary Herbalism

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Natural health expert K.P. Khalsa blends together 3 world herbal traditions into delicious foods, teas, juices and tonics.

Learn the “Food to Medicine Spectrum,” and unlock the healing properties of many herbs, spices and foods available at your local markets. Like K.P. says, “Delicious food can be herbal medicine too.”

A few of the topics K.P. will be sure to cover...

  • A kitchen spice that is excellent for inflammation, dementia, digestion, joint health, detoxification, as well as the immune and cardiovascular systems
  • Golden Milk, a delicious and nutritious beverage even your kids will love
  • The “Universal Medicine.” It's in your fridge, and is great for joint, digestive and cardio health
  • A traditional recipe for a simple food that nourishes the liver, kidneys, and blood
  • The cheap and abundant vegetable juice that helps blood pressure and sexual function
  • One-ingredient herbal teas that are great for the flu
  • A great root that can help you kick your coffee habit and built REAL stamina

K.P. Khalsa, RH. (AHG), D.N.-C.

Author and practitioner of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalism

John Gallagher

Your host & LearningHerbs founder

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