Growing Your Herbal Family

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A FREE webinar with Kimberly Gallagher

  • Thursday & Friday, May 2-3

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What’s the secret to empowering your kids to use herbs?

You might think it’s about the medicine, but it’s really about the FUN you have creating herbal experiences together... as a family.

In this free webinar, Herb Fairies & Wildcraft creator Kimberly Gallagher shares exactly how she and John created their family’s herbal story.

What started with fun family adventures resulted in teenagers that feel empowered to use herbs for their everyday health.

Kimberly will share...

  • Fun recipes like Chickweed pesto, Violet salad, Chamomile fruit salad & Dandelion cookies
  • A Plantain poultice to help with summer owies
  • Rose hip honey for vitamin C
  • Delicious Lemon balm popsicles
  • Chai tea kids love
  • Elderberry syrup for colds & flu
  • REAL Marshmallow root marshmallows!

Kimberly will give you a beautiful PDF of all the recipes she covers, and also do an herbal Q&A after the class.

Kimberly Gallagher

Author of Herb Fairies, creator of the Wildcraft! game, LearningHerbs co-founder

John Gallagher

LearningHerbs co-founder & your host

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