• Download the Book Club handout.

  • Each week, read the chapters and choose your activity.

    Join us for related discussions in the Wild Remedies Facebook Group.

    You can also share photos of your activities in the Facebook group and/or Instagram with the hashtag #wildremediesbook.

  • Enter the giveaway.

    Once you complete your activity, enter the drawing. We will give away a one-year membership to HerbMentor to one of the book club members who enters the drawing each week! You can check out HerbMentor here. (value: $97)

    Entries are due by 9am Pacific Time on Mondays, May 11, 18, 25, and June 1. There are no “rollover” entries. You literally have to enter each week you participate in the Book Club.

  • Have Fun!

    You can just do one activity or recipe per week OR you can do more. Mix it up. We don’t care. We just want to make it simple for you to sink your teeth into Wild Remedies.

    The bottom line is… just have fun with it!

    We can’t wait to see your experiences in the Facebook Group.

    Thank you for joining us for the Wild Remedies Book Club!

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